About You

You make a huge investment into your work; your emotional, intellectual and physical energy. You are dedicated and committed, yet fulfillment at work eludes you. At one time your work provided you with great satisfaction; you loved what you did. Recently you have begun to notice changes in your feelings and attitudes towards your work and may be feeling:
  • less engaged;
  • less committed;
  • unfulfilled;
  • discouraged.
You are questioning:
  • whether the organization’s values align with your values;
  • whether your skills are being effectively utilized;
  • whether you are living up to your leadership potential;
  • whether there is more to life than THIS.

You know that you need to change in order to achieve your greatest potential. You want to be the kind of leader that inspires your team to achieve its maximum potential, but you are just not sure where to start.

Are you prepared to go on the most important journey of your working career? If so, I can help.

About Me

My passion is to help you push through the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving fulfillment in your career. Sometimes that means rekindling the passion in the work you are already doing. Sometimes it means finding a new career that has more purpose and meaning for you. Or perhaps it means developing into a leader who is passionate about the teams you lead and bringing more authenticity to your leadership.

I am an expert at helping you find your passion. I’ve spent my entire working life searching for AND finding my own passion.

My innate ability to see you as you truly are, guides me in my desire to help you uncover your personal values, your natural talents and to find more passion and purpose in whatever you choose to do.

I am fiercely committed to helping you discover who you truly are and creating a career for which you’ve always yearned.

My Background

Over the last 30+ years, I have worked in a wide variety of business leadership roles, primarily in the financial services industry. This has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience on what it takes to be a successful leader.

I have the rare gift of being a strategic and analytical thinker as well as a person who loves connecting with and helping other people.

Prior to starting my career, I earned an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics in Actuarial Science from the University of Waterloo. More recently, my professional education has expanded into more people-centric areas. I have now enjoyed more than 10 years as a Certified Professional Coactive Coach helping my clients uncover their personal values, their natural talents and finding more passion and purpose in whatever they choose to do.

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