Susan was a Marketing Executive in a medium-sized business who had a desire to build something on her own.

An opportunity arose to buy into a partnership in a business ideally suited to her skills. Susan couldn’t determine how to decide.

She hired Lorne to help her decide if the time was right to transition from being an employee to owning her own business. As her personal coach Lorne was able to support her in her decision making process.

What Susan found was much more than the ability to make that decision.

She discovered who she was, what values informed her decisions every day, how to honour those values and how to make choices that resonated deeply with her. Susan courageously took the leap, and never looked back.

Years later, if Susan needs to make a difficult life decision, she is able to refer back to the values she discovered in the coaching process with Lorne, and intentionally choose what’s right for her.


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