• Career Coaching

Most of us spend at least 50 hours (often many more) per week at, getting to, or thinking about, work. I believe everyone deserves to find that time fulfilling. And what better way to be fulfilled than to love what you do.

We help you find your passion.

It might be that you’re working in the right field, but you’ve simply lost touch with why it matters to you; we help you rekindle the flame and reignite your excitement about going to work.

By shining a light on your natural gifts and talents, the values that inform your decisions every day, and on what your real goals and dreams are, we help you find your passion at work again.

Or it may be that you are simply in the wrong profession. Many of us pursue work that we think we’re good at and never really look for something that we love.

By getting in touch with your true passions, as well as your natural gifts, talents, values and motivators, we help you choose a career you are truly passionate about.

  • Leadership Coaching

To be an exceptional organizational leader, you need to bring all of your resources to the job.

This means not only the skills and competencies you’ve developed through education and experience, but also your natural gifts and talents.

Great leaders know who they are, know what behaviours will motivate others, and know how to bring their natural gifts and talents to their work.

We help good leaders become great leaders!

We’ll help you better understand who you are as a leader and how to empower and engage your team. Using resources such as Leadership Circle Profile™ and Strengths Based Leadership, we provide you with tangible tools to be the best leader you can be.

  • Team Effectiveness

Great teams know how to build on each other’s strengths. Great teams know how to communicate effectively. Great teams know how to collaborate.

We work with teams to create greater alignment and engagement through exploration of individual talents, strengths, values and passions, and development of collaborative communication strategies.

Our experiential learning approach makes learning fun, and helps to make the learning stick. We create a customized team experience based on the specific goals and objectives you have for your organization. We focus on developing the strengths and talents of the individual team members as well as the team itself, supporting you in taking your performance to the next level and beyond.


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